Padraic Kissane is the foremost expert in the area of Tracker Mortgages and the restoration of the correct Tracker rate for customers of all lenders who were incorrectly taken from their rate.

  • Has Restored Tracker Rates and has cases under review with the following lenders: AIB, Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank, Permanent Tsb, ICS Building Society, First Active, EBS Building Society, Danske Bank, KBC Bank and Bank of Scotland Ireland

  • Has been challenging this matter for over 7 years which has culminated in the industry wide Central Bank Investigation.

  • Has been liaising and assisting the Central Bank as part of the Investigation.

  • To ensure you get the correct advice contact us.

  • Has met with the following groups on behalf of customers of all lenders

  • The Central Bank of Ireland
    Department of Finance
    Political Parties
    Financial Ombudsman

  • Padraic Kissane knows what a Tracker Mortgage is.



    Brendan Burgess, founder of “Ask About Money” says;

    “When the Lenders see that Padraic is helping the customer, they know that the case will be argued in a professional and forceful manner”.

    Charlie Weston, Personal
    Finance Correspondent,
    Irish Independent says;

    “Padraic Kissane is the foremost expert on Tracker Restoration cases in this Country. His work in this area is the main reason the Central Bank has ordered an Industry wide investigation. I have recommended to readers who have contacted me after losing tracker mortgage to speak to Mr Kissane.”

    Customers Comments

    “Without Padraic’s help we would have been bankrupt and homeless. He has worked so hard for us for the past 4 years now back on tracker”.

    “His knowledge on the subject is second to none including the banks”.

    “Padraic has an unprecedented success rate through the office of the Financial Ombudsman’s Bureau”

    Contact Padraic Kissane to review your case. We will explain the process and the sums involved.

    To inform yourself fully contact Padraic Kissane Financial Services and we will guide you through the process.